How To Get Your Free iPhone 4 Bumper Case

SJ slideSure, how about we just GIVE AWAY $100 million worth of cases!

A week ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that the company would give its iPhone 4 buyers free “bumpers” or cases, to compensate for a problem many have experienced with the phone’s antenna design.Today, Apple has opened up the program that allows iPhone 4 owners to sign up for a free Apple bumper or a third-party case.

Be warned: They are not flashy. And they won’t ship for 3-to-5 weeks. So if you want a colourful case, or something sooner, get ready to pay up.

How to get yours?

Download the free app from the iPhone App Store

Launch the app

You'll be asked to sign in with your iTunes password

Select the case you want

Here's the standard Apple bumper, only available in black

You can see a photo gallery of the cases and zoom in to see detail. They're all pretty plain and dark.


That's it! It'll take 3-5 weeks to get your free case. (Which makes this deal less useful.)

This is what happens if you try to launch the app and sign in again -- it knows you've already ordered one.

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