How to Get Deadbeat Clients to Pay Bills: Hijack Web Site

Sick of your marketing/PR and/or web hosting clients not paying their bills?  Apparently someone who represents Zenith was.  (Yes, that Zenith–the old TV company–now owned by giant LG).  And whoever it was appears to have found a foolproof way to get paid quick. 

Peter Shankman, CEO of New York marketing and PR agency The Geek Factory, found the following notice when he visited this afternoon.  (Peter’s site, PR Differently, has a large copy of this screenshot):

To all LG Company employees:

We are sorry.  The Zenith site is shut down due to non-payments from the Brand Marketing Group at LG Electronics USA.  After a year of collection efforts and no results, our company had no choice but to shut down the web site.

[The message then goes on to name two offending individuals and promises timely updates.]

An hour later, is back–perhaps because someone at LG finally responded.  On PR Differently, Peter explores the ethics of this strategy.  Its effectiveness appears to be clear.

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