Here’s One Way To Get Upgraded To First Class For Free

Japan Airlines 50s

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Looking to get some free perks on your next flight?Then wear a suit, says founder George Hobica.

In a new column in USA Today, the travel vet says he has seen numerous people, including himself, spontaneously upgraded to first class when donning business attire at the airport.

In one case, a well-dressed friend travelling on Air Canada was handed a first class boarding pass, even though he’d booked an economy class seat, and was told, “our station manager noticed how well dressed you were and told me to upgrade you.”

Hobica theorizes that airline employees favour travellers in suits because, for decades, they themselves were required to dress up if they were flying on a pass.

He writes:

Although most airlines have relaxed these rules, there are a lot of employees who remember the old days. And perhaps they figure, if we had to dress well to fly, what’s up with all the passengers who get to sit in first class dressed like Richard Simmons?

If you’re interested in testing this theory, go ahead and dress to impress the next time you head to the airport. You may feel a little uncomfortable sitting for hours in your Sunday best, but it will be totally worth it if you get handed a first class upgrade.

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