The ultimate 'Pokemon GO' cheat looks like it gives you unlimited incense and lucky eggs

There are a lot of clever ways to cheat in and hack Pokémon GO. But we may have just found the best one of all.

In “Pokémon GO,” you have two major ways to advance your Trainer to higher levels more quickly: using Incense, and using Lucky Eggs.

In the case of Incense, you use it and it attracts Pokémon to your location (instead of you having to go find them). In the case of the Lucky Egg, you use it and it doubles all XP you earn over the next 30 minutes.

Pokemon GO Sydney Opera House AustraliaBrendon Thorne / Stringer / GettyIf these people were all using Incense and Lucky Eggs, they’d be laughing and throwing experience points in the air.

In both cases, using one starts a 30-minute timer. And these are items that are in very short supply. You can buy more with real money, but who wants to do that? But it doesn’t have to be this way, apparently — there’s a crazy simple hack that reportedly enables you to use an unlimited amount of both.

Here’s how you do it:

Use your item(s) as you wish. Maybe you use an Incense or a Lucky Egg, or maybe use both at once! Simple.

Now for the hack — exit out of “Pokémon GO” and navigate to your phone’s settings. This works in both iOS and Android, by the way.

Go to the time and date menu. Great! Now that you’re there, turn off your phone’s automatic time/date setting. Here’s what it looks like on an iPhone:

Now navigate to the time setting, and set your phone’s clock back by however many minutes (warning that this only works up to 60 minutes, so don’t set your time back further than 30 minutes).

When you return to the game, you’ll notice that the time left on your Incense/Lucky Egg has increased by however much time you’ve moved back the clock.

That’s it! Voila!

There’s some discrepancy over whether the time increase actually increases the time that an item is functioning, but as far as we can tell the extended incense we’re using is working like a charm. Look at this rad Tauros I just caught!

Unfortunately, when we tested the functionality using a Lucky Egg, the cheat went bust. Though the timer had increased, the effect it confers (double XP) did not. This may also be the case for the Incense, though in that case the visual effect of it swirling around your Trainer last for the entire time. When it comes to the effect of the Incense, however, things are less clear — since it confers the ability to attract Pokémon at a somewhat arbitrary rate, we can’t be sure if that effect is extended.

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