How to find the secret ending to the huge new 'God of War' game on PlayStation 4

SonyThe God of War himself, Kratos, and his son, Atreus.
  • The new “God of War” game has a secret ending.
  • It’s easy to miss, but it’s not hard to find after you finish the game’s main storyline.
  • Here are spoiler-free instructions for how to see the ending.

The new “God of War” game is so much fun to play, you may have missed its secret ending.

The PlayStation 4-exclusive is a triumph of storytelling and design, offering dozens of hours of gameplay within its gorgeous version of the mythological Norse realm of Midgard. After the game’s story comes to an end, you may think that’s all there is. And it’s understandable – it’s a satisfying conclusion.

But “God of War” has a Marvel-esque hidden ending, one that you can only unlock after you complete the game’s final story mission and the credits roll. If you were paying attention to the game’s story at all, you’ll be eager to see the secret finale.

God of War (2018)SonyBecause ‘God of War’ is so stylish, the credits roll over the game itself. Pretty snazzy!

Without saying anything about the secret ending itself (no spoilers!), here’s how to unlock it:

After the credits roll, the game informs you that you can return to the open world and continue exploring. But you have another option: Return to the house you started in at the beginning of the game.

God of War (2018)SonyRemember this place, where the whole game starts?

When you get to the house, enter through the front door. Inside, you’ll find a button prompt near the beds of Kratos and Atreus. It’s a small house, so the prompt isn’t hard to find.

Once there, you can choose to go to sleep for the first time since your adventure began. Doing so will trigger the secret ending.

If you care at all about the future of the “God of War” franchise, you’ll be excited to see the hidden finale. Enjoy!

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