Computer Science Majors Nabbed The Biggest Salary Increase In 2011

Things are looking up for college graduates. The average salary for 2011 grads was $41,701, a 2.3% increase from 2010 (via Bryce Christiansen).

According to the most recent Nace survey — which compiles data from the Bureau of labour Statistics, the Census Bureau, and Job Search Intelligence — computer science majors experienced the biggest increase in salary at 2.5 %, from $68,700 to $70,400. Some other interesting findings:

  • Economics major (securities, commodities, funds, trusts, and financial investments) saw the highest starting average salary in the business sector at $77,640
  • Retail companies are the lowest-paying employers with an average starting salary of $35,190
  • In journalism, radio and television broadcast companies were both the highest- and lowest-paying employers. Broadcast had an average starting salary at $33,460
  • Advertising had the strongest growth in the communications sector with a starting slary at $52,300, a 4% increase since the previous year.
  • Special education saw the highest-paying employers in education sector with an average starting salary of $39,100.
  • Aerospace and computer engineers experienced the highest-growth within the engineering field, with a starting salary of $70,400.
  • Liberal arts and social sciences majors can find work in the criminal justice system with a starting salary of $38,830 (criminal justice majors), $47,560 (psychology majors) and $44,870 (sociology majors).
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