Here's how to add a rainbow filter to your Facebook photo in honour of the gay marriage ruling

On Friday, the Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling declared that gay marriage is now legal nationwide.

If you didn’t notice the news before, no doubt you’ve seen it by now on your Facebook wall as friends post news articles and celebratory memes.

And now Facebook is getting in on the action by letting users add a rainbow filter to their profile pictures.

Add a little rainbow to your Facebook profile photo, w/ a tool we built for Pride — & now #marriageequality!
— Liz Heron (@lheron) June 26, 2015

Spotted by Business Insider’s managing editor Emily Cohn, the entire process is really easy.

After clicking this link to, users are directed to a page that shows what their rainbow picture would look like.

Click “Use as Profile Picture,” and Facebook will add the filter to your existing profile photo.

Here’s my final product.

You can also go in and update your photo caption to get rid of the Facebook link.

It looks like Facebook built the filter for Pride celebrations around the country this month, not for the SCOTUS decision itself.

But it’s still a fun filter to celebrate the historic ruling. Happy Pride!

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