How To Buy That Sexy French Song From 'Mad Men' That's Stuck In Your Head

megan mad men

Photo: iTunes ? AMC

Jessica Pare’s mortifying performance of the 1962 French pop hit “Zou Bisou Bisou” on Sunday’s Mad Men season premiere has become a new commercial property in its own right. AMC began selling the ditty on Monday as both an iTunes download and a 7-inch single on red or black vinyl. It’ll soon be available on Amazon, too.

On the show, Don Draper’s new wife Megan staged a surprise 40th birthday party for him, the highlight of which was her burlesque performance of the song, which has been recorded by Sophia Loren in the 1960 film “The Millionairess” and by Gillian Hills in 1962. The latter version has been viewed 149,000 times on YouTube.

The song was trending on Twitter on Monday, and there are still plenty of fresh tweets today from people who have the tune stuck in their heads.

That wasn’t the only memorable scene in the episode, of course. The other came nearer the end when Megan began “cleaning” the dirty white carpet in their apartment, dressed only in lingerie. In a conference call Monday, Pare told reporters:”Is there really any problem that can’t be solved that way?”

Here are both scenes (the second of which is somewhat unsafe for work):

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