How To Get Started Making iPhone Apps


Thousands of software developers are selling apps in Apple’s iPhone App Store, and many are making big bucks off it. How to get started?

iPhone app veteran Craig Hockenberry, whose Iconfactory sells a few top iPhone apps — including Twitterrific (Twitter app) and Frenzic (fun game) — has published an excellent primer. The nearly 2,000 words are worth reading for anyone who wants to get involved with iPhone apps.

But if you’re short on time right now, here’s the gist:

  • Learn how to develop Web pages for Mobile Safari so you know how to think about designing apps for a mobile device.
  • Buy a Mac. You can’t make iPhone apps from a PC.
  • Sign up for Apple’s developer program.
  • Watch the “getting started” videos in the iPhone dev centre.
  • Goof around with some of the sample code on Apple’s site.
  • Check out a few of the better iPhone coding books.
  • Read up on a few of Craig’s old posts.
  • Go for it!

Read the whole article by Craig Hockenberry >