Can't Wait For A Free Spotify Invite? Here's How To Get It Now Instead

spotify invite daniel ek

Photo: Illustration: Ellis Hamburger

Spotify is smart to limit invites to the free version of its service in the U.S. It would be pretty bad if its servers couldn’t handle all those eager music listeners.But we’re Americans. We’re impatient.

If you want to give Spotify a try right now, you’ll have to trick the service into thinking your computer is based in Europe, not the States.

We’ll show you how to do it using something called a proxy server. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a good way to test Spotify before your invite arrives.

Note: Another option to start using Spotify right away is to sign up for one of the paid Unlimited ($4.99 per month) or Premium ($9.99 per month) accounts.

First, you'll need a UK-based proxy server. Go to and enter this URL into the bar on the site: and click Go.

Click download to get the app for your desktop.

Now go crazy! You can search, share, and stream millions of songs!

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