How To Get Traffic From Google's Real-Time Search Firehose

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A lot of SEO pros and web publishers were not happy to learn that Google began mixing real time results into their search engine listings.

The reason for this is that these real time results effectively pushed down other Web site listings lower on page one or even over to page two of Google. However, these new real time listings, along with other real time search engines, can present new opportunities for online marketers.

So, how to get in on the action?

  • Google has said that it pulls these real time results from multiple sources including Twitter, MySpace, and Friendfeed, along with other news headlines and blogs. From seeing a few examples at Google, you will notice that Twitter is often displayed in these results.
  • So, a good place to start to try to get ranked in the latest results section is through making updates at Twitter.
  • Google will focus on filtering in an effort to weed out spammers from simply posting something on Twitter and then automatically showing up at Google. So, with that being the case, it is important for you to be a legitimate Twitter user with a lot of followers and maybe even have more followers than people you are following. Also, it is important to have quality followers as well.
  • Much like with Google page rank — whereby it looks at the authority of the websites whom link to you — it will be important to look at how many followers your followers have.
  • It will be helpful if you stay on message, so make sure your Tweets — and the people you follow — are closely aligned to your specific niche. That way, when there is breaking news in your niche — Google will see your Tweets as legitimate and useful.
  • Also, remember, Google’s latest results are constantly moving, so it is important that you make a lot of Tweets. You will only have a few seconds for you result to show up, and you don’t only want to be listed on Google one time.
  • So, it is a delicate balance whereby you don’t want to spam your followers with hundreds of Tweets per day, but you will want to be sure to Tweet often so that there is multiple opportunities for your results to be scene. And, when breaking news happens in your niche, make sure that you are Tweeting on that day.

Some other things to remember: Google is not displaying real time results for every search query. For example these searches I just performed did not bring up any real time results: laptop computer, Chicago Weather, Lakers, pizza sauce. However, these searches that I executed did bring up real time results: iPad, Kobe Bryant, Toyota, Pro Bowl. For these searches at Google, you’ll notice the real time results scrolling under a box titled “Latest Results.” So, when you see moving text, you’ll know that Google is getting this data in real time from sources such as Twitter.

It is interesting to see for which keywords a Latest Results box shows up for. It seems that if it is a topic that is hot right now, or that a lot of people are talking about — that it will have real time results. Last month, I noticed real time results on a search for Tiger Woods. However, while writing this, I didn’t notice any real time results. We can safely assume that this is because people aren’t talking about Tiger’s mistresses as much these days.

These Google latest results are drastically different from real time search engines, such as Sency, which always display real time results for any given search term. However, with the volume that Google can drive for any particular search term, it can be quite beneficial to get ranked within Google’s latest results section. And often, the terms that Google shows the latest results for are hot search terms, so not only can you get onto the first page of Google, you can also get listed for a term which is being searched for often.

In addition to Google, many real time search engines re-display Twitter results on their site. And, Twitter of course displays Twitter results on their site — and Twitter is one of the most 20 visited sites on the web. So, it is clear that there is an ocean of syndication being done with Twitter results.

The Twitter API has been baked into tons of websites, blogs, and content solutions all over the web. If you continue to Tweet about relevant and useful information, you will be listed across multiple sources. Savvy marketers are already taking advantage of this — so while some may complain that Google is mixing in real time results — others are benefiting from the added distribution the real time web continues to get.

Evan Britton founded Sency in 2009. The goal of Sency is to bring real-time content, links, and tools to Internet users in an organised and simple fashion.

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