This App Wants To Help You Get Poached By Facebook Or Another Dream Employer

Mark ZuckerbergAPFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s poaching season. And if you dream of being hired away by Google, Apple, Facebook, or another great employer, a startup called Poachable wants to help you.

It does for job-hunting what Tinder does for dating: Enter your desired job, location, credentials, and current employer, and the site “matches” you to potential employers looking for you while keeping your identity secret. It will even quietly contact the employer on your behalf.

Next week, the app will be doing even more to help you find a new job. It will be offering its users a poachability score (a Klout-like scoring system).

Upload your LinkedIn profile or resume to the site, and within about a day, it will tell you how recruiters see you, including personalised feedback. The feedback is based on analysing tens of thousands of professional resumes and matching them with hundreds of employers each month, the company says.

Poachable now has 25,000 passive job-seekers signed up as users and formally works with companies such as eBay, Netflix, Facebook, and Comcast, a spokesperson tells us. The company was launched by a group of ex-Google, Microsoft, and Amazon employees and is angel-backed by execs from eBay, Facebook, Nike, and law firm WSGR.

We asked Poachable who the top dream employers were among the app’s thousands of users. Not surprisingly, Google topped the list. Google consistently ranks tops on many a “best place to work” list.

Interestingly, our spokesperson tells us that since the last time Poachable analysed this list, after its summer launch, Microsoft has been climbing in popularity. Our guess: CEO Satya Nadella has been reinvigorating the company’s image.

New to the top 10: Uber, Twitter, and AirBnB, at the expense of Ideo, IBM, and Cisco, which fell out.

Here’s the latest 10 Most Desirable Places To Work list. Google, the No. 1 company, was given a desirability score of 1, and the others were scored in relation to that.

Company Desirability
1. Google 1.00
2. Apple 0.61
3. Amazon 0.30
4. Facebook 0.26
5. Microsoft 0.21
6. Uber 0.17
7. Twitter 0.15
8. LinkedIn 0.09
9. AirBnB 0.09
10. Netflix 0.07

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