11 Ways To Get People Addicted To Your Blog

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It seems everyone has a blog these days, and the plethora of information available can make it difficult to attract a solid group of readers.

But according to Tamar Weinberg at Techipedia, there are 11 characteristics of all highly influential blogs that will build your blog and its followers if you adopt them.

  1. Consistency.  Readers want lots of posts, and “neglected content may inadvertently translate to neglecting your readers too.”
  2. Eloquence.  Read a lot, write well and proofread. Weinberg’s favourite bloggers “always have something insightful to say,” and “their content exudes intelligence and occasional wit.”
  3. Uniqueness.  Channeling Darren Rowse, Weinberg argues that being unique “requires not doing what everyone else does.”  I.e. don’t repeat the news with nothing new to offer.
  4. Specific.  Focus on a niche and master it.
  5. Personal.  Let readers get to know the person behind the screen. Write “personal stories as it relates to your mission in blogging,” Weinberg says.
  6. Analytical.  “People love data, and they love knowing how data can be aggregated to make conclusions. They love charts and graphics, and they love the findings that can be made from this data in aggregate,” Weinberg says.  So give it to them.
  7. Detail.  Details take a regurgitated news story and make them your own.  The more detail, the better.
  8. Thought-Provoking.  Leave your readers thinking about your post long after they click away.
  9. Passion.  If you are passionate about your blog, readers will notice.
  10. Instructional.  Teach your readers how to do something interesting and useful, and it will be impossible for them not to share.
  11. Networked.  Be active in your quest to attract readers. “In order for people to find you,” Weinberg says, “you need to be able to market your blog to them. How does one do this? Comment on other bloggers’ posts consistently. Send tweets out to the bloggers with your own commentary.”

Read more at Techipedia.

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