Want To Get People Shopping? Hire A Singing Nun Playing Piano On A Float

In an attempt to steer recession-minded shoppers back to its West End district, London officials scheduled a Very Important Pedestrians Day on Saturday. Major streets were closed and turned over to a fair featuring face painters and singing nuns on wheels (pictured) among other things. The bizarre display actually worked, attracting 1.5 million shoppers.

Londonist: Oxford Street and Regent Street went traffic-free today, with the odd free concert, massage, face-paint and, er, singing-nun-on-wheels thrown in – all in a concerted effort to attract shoppers to the West End and persuade them to open their wallets in a big way…

Initial figures show that VIP Day seems to have succeeded, with over 1.5 million shoppers striding the unclogged roads from 10am this morning. With 1 in 5 shoppers visiting from overseas to get their retail therapy, spending from this group in particular has increased markedly as the exchange rates shifted in favour of spending on these shores.

No word yet about how much the nuns were paid.

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