A self-defence expert reveals how to get out of a choke hold -- the #1 way a violent attacker will grab you

Being in a choke hold is terrifying. We asked Self-Defence Expert Gabrielle Rubin the best ways to fend off an attacker. Her advice could save your life. Following is a transcript of the video:

Gabrielle Rubin: The majority of the time it’s going to be a choke hold from behind, OK. And you’ve seen this in movies and television and hands tend to go where there’s pain but this is not doing anything for us.

Jessica Orwig: Yeah.

Gabrielle Rubin: OK. Never focus on what’s grabbed focus on what’s free. If someone’s arm is up around me I know they’re open so I call this one slot machine. I make a tight fist and pull the lever.

Jessica Orwig: Yeah, and that’s right on my hip bone.

Gabrielle Rubin: Alright and so … so if I go “boom” and I do make contact and I hit you right in the gut there, I should have a visual to see feet. If I do I can foot stomp right down on the bridge of the foot and get those little bones which hurt.

Jessica Orwig: Yeah.

Gabrielle Rubin: I can also throw back in elbow this way. I can bite right in the crux of the elbow, I can put my chin down and throw my head back. Or what people don’t think about is your legs are completely free. So you can use those. Just kick your own butt, just straight up.

Jessica Orwig: Yeah.

Gabrielle Rubin: It’s not strength, it’s speed that hurts so I’m not going “errr” I’m going “boom.” Now bad guys are not going to grab you like “what’s up girl,” they’re going to stand like guys OK?

Jessica Orwig: Yeah.

Gabrielle Rubin: And have enough opening that you can easily get right up in there and even if you don’t you’re still hitting shin, knee, and hopefully the groin.

Jessica Orwig: Yeah.

Gabrielle Rubin: So you’ll think about it next time you’re wearing your heels out.

Jessica Orwig: Yeah.

Gabrielle Rubin: That “Oh I can’t run in my heels!” We don’t need to run. Heels are going to really do some damage in this situation.

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