Microsoft will let you use the middle-finger emoji even though Apple and Google won't

Microsoft will be the first major software platform to let you flip the bird, allowing anyone with Windows 10 to access the middle-finger emoji.

The middle-finger emoji has actually been around since 2014, but Apple, Google, and Twitter all decided to prevent the emoji from working with their software and phones, according to Emojipedia (via Quartz). It turns out that it’s up to each company to decide which emojis to support, and up until now, the middle-finger emoji has been noticeably absent from iPhones, Android, and Twitter.

Microsoft, however, appears ready to let you give the one-fingered salute, and will make the middle-finger emoji available for anyone with a Windows Phone or device to use when Windows 10 arrives this summer.

The official name for the emoji is “reversed hand with middle finger extended,” and, like the other modern emojis, it comes in six customised skin tones.

You can read a detailed report of all the emoji changes coming to Windows 10 over at Emojipedia.

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