How To Get More Free Space On Dropbox Than Google Will Give You

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Google is expected to launch its cloud file storage service, Google Drive, any day now.

It’ll directly compete with our current favourite service, Dropbox. 

Dropbox knows some heavy competition is coming, so it recently rolled out a few new perks for its users that should help keep them on board.

The first is a way to share files and folders with a simple link. Before, you had to invite people via email to share files.

The second feature lets you get up to 16 GB of free storage by inviting friends to join Dropbox. For each friend who joins, you get another free 500 MB. Not bad considering Google Drive is expected to offer 5 GB of storage for free.

Keep reading to see how each of these new features work.

Dropbox will automatically send this tweet to your account. If a friend signs up using that link, you'll get 500 MB of free space.

You can also enter your email address and password from the share screen. Dropbox will pull in all your contacts. Check the people you'd like to invite. If they have a Dropbox symbol next to their name, that means they already use the service.

Now let's get a share link so we can quickly send files or folders to friends. We'll try a full folder first. Hover your mouse over a file and you'll see a link icon appear. Click it.

Here you'll see everything in the folder. Copy the URL in the browser and paste it in an email, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you want to share it.

If you want to send an individual file, open it and click the link icon in the bottom right.

You can now copy the URL in your browser and share it.

You can also get share links from Dropbox's iPhone app. When viewing a file or photo, tap the link icon.

You now have the option to copy the link or email it. Let's copy it.

It'll take a second or two for Dropbox to generate the link. Once it's finished, the link will be copied to your iPhone's clipboard.

The link will take the recipient directly to the file or folder you chose.

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