Here's How To Get Facebook's Secret iPad App That Got Blocked Yesterday

facebook ipad app

Photo: Screenshot

Yesterday, the sheet was pulled off of Facebook’s next big thing: the iPad app everyone’s been waiting for.We showed you how to get it, even if it’s in a somewhat buggy and unfinished state.

By the end of the day, Facebook had blocked log-ins from the iPad app.

But one clever hacker has created a tweak to have your iPad pretend its an iPhone during the log-in process, 9 to 5 Mac discovered.

Since you had to jailbreak your iPad to activate the Facebook iPad app anyway, we’ll assume you’re already familiar with Cydia.

Search “FaceForward” in Cydia, install the tweak, and you’re good to go.

The developer points out that if your Facebook app crashes, try getting rid of it, then installing it again fresh.

He also notes that it’s prudent not to update the rarely-updated-anyway Facebook app until the iPad version is released, because Facebook will likely patch the hole he exploited.

Now check out our full screenshot tour of the Facebook iPad App >

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