This Entrepreneur Wanted To Get Traction, So He Posted His Startup On Kickstarter

Michael Tseng

Michael Tseng, a 28-year-old graphic designer, had a startup idea. He wanted to create a more game-like version of Foursquare and Gowalla.

He got to work developing an app, Turf, out of WeWork Labs. His next obstacle was to get some traction.

Instead of reaching out to the press, Tseng turned to group funding site, Kickstarter. He posted a pitch video and asked users for $15,000 in funding.  

In the past 72-hours, he’s had an overwhelming response. He’s secured nearly $3,000 from 62 backers, and has been contacted by entrepreneurs, investors, and developers.

NYC tech scene guru Vinicius Vacanti of Yipit tweeted about Turf, and Tseng was asked to speak at  a viral media meetup about his experience.

Tseng chose to promote Turf on Kickstarter because it kills two birds with one stone. “I thought, What’s the best way I can show this off to the world?” he says. “The money is kind of important to me, but the exposure is what’s really critical. Kickstarter gets startups both capital and press.”