Hackers Figure Out How To Get Honeycomb On The Nook colour

Honeycomb widgets

Photo: Google

Honeycomb won’t be officially released until tomorrow, but some intrepid developers have taken advantage of the SDK to create a hack that will let you install the OS on your Nook colour.The Nook colour already runs Android 2.2, but launches directly into the Nook reader, preventing you from accessing apps and other Android features. Some hackers have found a way to run Android apps on it, including Kindle, Nook’s main competitor.

Since Honeycomb is Android optimised for tablets, xda-developers have found a way to run it on Nook colour.

The hack isn’t perfect yet. While most features like accelerometer and wifi will work, there’s still no sound or video decoding.

Still, if you have a Nook colour and want a preview of Honeycomb, it may be worth a try. Head over to this xda-developers thread to learn how it works.

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