How To Get An iTunes Hit: Record The Songs Kid Rock Won't Sell On iTunes (AAPL)

The latest in our ongoing tutorial for music acts who want to break into the top of the iTunes chart: There are a handful of popular acts, that for whatever misguided reason, don’t sell their music on iTunes (AAPL). So you should sell it for them. (They’ll keep the publishing revenue, but you’ll still get some royalties.) Via Idolator:

Kid Rock has refused to put his Warren Zevon/Lynyrd Skynyrd homage “All Summer Long” on the iTunes Store as an a la carte download, and it’s paid off for him in a few ways: This week, his album Rock N Roll Jesus (which features the track) hit the double-platinum mark, and he’s gotten a ton of promotional mileage out of being a nearly-lone holdout from Steve Jobs’ empire. But an act who’s profited even more from Kid Rock’s tantrum is the fairly anonymous act Hit Masters, who specialize in karaoke and “party” versions of old and new hits. (I can find no other information on this act; if you know of any, feel free to send your tips along.) The band rush-released a version of the song (in straightforward and “karaoke” versions) to the iTunes store and other digital outlets, and it’s currently at No. 5 on iTunes’ single-song chart.

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