An IBM Watson VP shares the one thing that would make him hire you on the spot

Obed Louissant IBM WatsonObed LouissantIt’s not always about selling yourself, says Obed Louissant (pictured).

Obed Louissant doesn’t waste time when he knows he’s met a potentially great hire.

“I’ve had individuals who weren’t applicants, who I just met at a cocktail reception, and I offered them a job,” says the VP of HR for IBM Watson,

So, how can you get a job offer from a recruiter on the spot?

It’s not just about loving what you do — in some circumstances, loving where you work can help seal the deal.

In certain conversations, Louissant says that he’s been blown away by the passion and engagement with which some individuals speak about their work.

“In that discussion that I was describing, they’re not necessarily overly selling themselves on wanting to work at IBM — it was more about the experience and what types of places they like to work at,” Louissant says.

If the type of workplace happens to sound just like IBM Watson, the branch of the company that focuses on the question answering computer system, then Louissant says he’s willing to make a job offer right then and there.

“They are asking to be with us, because they’re asking for a firm that lives by the values that we live by,” he says.

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