How To Get A Fit Body Like Batman


Photo: Image from Warner Bros. ‘The Dark Knight’

When it comes to superhero physique, people are more impressed by the strength and power of Batman compared to the agility and nimbleness of Spiderman. Those are the results of a recent survey by Gold’s Gym that polled fans across the country to find the fittest superhero off all.

The venerable choices also included, Superman, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, Wonder Woman and Catwoman. It really wasn’t much of a competition, with the bat nabbing 41 per cent of votes. Spiderman took second place with 17 per cent of votes.   

Since everyone seems to have a mega-crush on Batman’s body, Gold’s Gym smartly pounced on the opportunity to share the “”Batman Workout.”

Do three sets of 10 for each and you’ll eventually bare some resemblance to the crime-fighting comic book legend (costume not included): 

  • Chest – flat bench press, incline bench press and dumbbell flies
  • Back – wide cable pull down, close grip cable pull, one arm rows
  • Biceps – barbell curl, dumbbell curl, cable curl
  • Triceps – skull crushers, dumbbell overhead extensions, cable push down
  • Legs – press, extension, curls 

 “The Dark Knight Rises” starring Christian Bale as Batman hits theatres tonight, by the way.  

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