How To Get 10,000 People To Sign Up For A Product That Doesn’t Exist

kohort mark peter davis
Mark Peter Davis is the cofounder of Kohort

Yesterday, Mark Peter Davis finally revealed the idea behind his stealth startup, Kohort.Kohort wants to be the ultimate social network for groups.

In the past three months the startup has gotten 10,000 users to register. That’s nothing stellar for the average company.

What is impressive though, is that it got all of those people to register without their knowing what they were registering for.

Until yesterday, Davis had only revealed the company’s name and the fact that it had secured $3 million in funding. Everything else was kept secret.

Here’s how Davis got 10,000 users without ever revealing the product or the concept:

Curiosity. Davis and his team slowly leaked more and more information to the press about the company; each write up served as a teaser that built curiosity.

Social sharing. When users signed up for Kohort, an automated message tweeted to their friends, “Just reserved my username on @kohort. #kohort Get yours!

No cost. Creating a Kohort username only took a few seconds and it didn’t cost anything.

Possible upside.  “No idea what I signed up for, but I got the Twitter handle I always wanted,” a user tweeted.

Being able to reserve any name you wanted at an early stage company made people think they could be registering for something with a lot of potential upside.

After all, Kohort could become the next Twitter and, if it does, they’ll be glad they registered.