How To Generate Leads Using Social Media

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Use Social Media For Lead Generation (Wishpond) 
Did you know 77% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a company whose CEO uses social media? Or, that 90% of B2B marketers are using Facebook, but only 47% of them are using LinkedIn? And other interesting facts > 

Is Facebook Hiding How Many People See Your Posts? (Facebook)
Last week, an article appeared on BuzzFeed claiming that engagement on Facebook (likes, comments, etc.) is actually very low, when you consider how many people saw a post and had a chance to engage with it. The claim was based on a research paper that was published by Facebook’s own data scientists and a Stanford University researcher. Lars Backstrom, who works on News Feed at Facebook “every day,” responded that the premise of the BuzzFeed article is just plain wrong. He defends the decision to not show how many people have seen a post because, people are more interested in seeing who likes their posts, “rather than just the number of people who saw it … The reality is that we’re just trying to show people as many interesting stories as possible.” Read >

Note: BI Intelligence will be publishing its own analysis of the Stanford/Facebook study. You can find it on our subscription-only website anytime after 9:30 AM ET today (Tuesday). 

As Facebook Growth Slows, Hoteliers Integrate Other Social Platforms (Hotel News Now) 
According to data from social media analytics company Socialbakers, the number of monthly Facebook users in the U.S. declined by nearly 1.4 million in December 2012. To combat the slowdown, hoteliers are integrating other platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Four Seasons launched a top “pin” of the week campaign on Facebook. On Instagram, the brand has weekly themes for followers to participate in like #FSFotogFireworks, which allowed users to hashtag their photos during the Fourth of July. Read >

The World’s Most Cross-Channel Digital Consumers Revealed

Turn, a cloud marketing platform, has identified what it calls the “Digital Elite.” This subset of Web users represent just 2% of the online audience, and yet they are 4x more likely to have a cross-channel experience with brands than everyone else, and are 32x more likely to interact with a brand across three channels than everyone else. In the second quarter of 2013, marketers spent 108% more to reach the “Digital Elite” than other audiences, up 23% from the quarter prior. Read >One Of The Fastest Growing Pages On Facebook Has To Do With Vine (InsideFacebook)
“Best Vines” is a place online where people post popular video from Vine (a direct competitor to Facebook’s Instagram), and it happens to be one of the fastest-growing Facebook pages in the U.S., accumulating 110,000 likes per day. Read >

First Trailer On Instagram Is For The Steve Jobs Movie (Business Insider) 
The filmmakers behind “Jobs,” the movie about Steve Jobs, claim to have produced the first-ever movie trailer on Instagram. You can watch the clip, here >

BII Using Social Media For Lead Generation Infographic

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