Update: Greece has passed its controversial austerity vote with 155 out of 300 members of parliament voting YES.

The vote comes amid huge protests in Athens, and it follows days of questions about whether it would pass.

That it did pass means Greece is eligible for another bailout tranche. (Technically there’s a second vote tomorrow on implementation of the austerity law, but this was the big one.)

In the end, of the 4 PASOK (ruling party) MPs who had hinted that they would vote NO on the measure, only one ended up opposing it.

Obversely, one member of the opposition party voted YES.


Original post:

Greek PM George Papandreou is speaking to the Greek Parliament.

After a debate, the Greek voting on its huge austerity package has begun.

The best place to get real-time results its The Press Project. We’ll be updating live here.

It is expected to pass, but until it does, pay attention.

Keep refreshing for the latest.

Update: One ruling party deputy just voted no. Other than that, it’s going down party line. Still expected to pass.

The voting is up to 55 YES, 43 No.

cancelling out the PASOK MP who voted NO, is one ND MP who voted YES. So far nothing too unexpected yes.

Update 8:55 AM: “Rebel” MP Robopoulos has voted YES. A major relief.

Update 8:58: Another MP who had expected to vote NO has voted yes. This is goint to pass.

9:04: It’s getting very close. Another PASOK MP has voted no, but it still looks to pass.

9:05: Every major news source has just reported that the votes are there. Austerity bill passed.


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