How To Follow Business Insider Writers On Twitter

Joe Weisenthal KFC double down chicken glasses

Photo: BI

China expert Bill Bishop says he’s going to quit Twitter if he doesn’t get to 10,000 followers by Q4.We’re not that desperate, but we’d like you to follow us anyway!

Here’s how:

  • Joe Weisenthal (The Money Game, Clusterstock)
  • Dan Frommer (SAI)
  • Jay Yarow (SAI)
  • Nick Saint (SAI)
  • Nicholas Carlson (SAI)
  • Greg White (The Money Game)
  • Vincent Fernando (The Money Game)
  • Gus Lubin (The Money Game)
  • Courtney Comstock (Clusterstock)
  • Henry Blodget
  • Joe Pompeo (The Wire)
  • Bianca Male (War Room)

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