Apple: ‘Nothing Has Changed’ Since Jobs Left


Apple (AAPL) is holding its annual shareholders meeting today, giving investors a chance to plug questions about Steve Jobs’ health at COO Tim Cook and Apple’s board.

Update: The meeting is over with no major developments, according to first-hand reports (see below) and Reuters’ coverage.

The company says Steve Jobs, who is on medical leave, is still involved in decisions. “Nothing has changed” since Steve announced his leave in mid-January, co-lead director (and Genentech CEO) Arthur Levinson said. “We believe we have met all disclosure obligations.”

The crowd of shareholders also sang “Happy Birthday” for Steve, who turned 54 yesterday.

Earlier: Want to know what’s going on? Good luck. Unlike its widely covered product keynotes, the company banned reporters from bringing laptops or mobile phones into its annual meeting.

The good news: Apple can’t shut down the Internet. Some investors are sending updates from the inside, and Fortune’s posting them.

So far, it seems the company is dodging questions about Steve, but says its succession plan has been discussed reguarly.

A few highlights:

1:46 Cheddarmuff: First question about disclosure of Jobs health quoting 10b-5 rules. Saying company should correct bad data

Arthur levinsom responding…jobs still involved. Succession plan has regularly discussed. No disclosure about health or plan.

Next person is complimenting company for beautiful products. Wishes Steve well. Singing happy birthhday to Steve..EVERYONE singing.

[1:51 Reuters is reporting that the shareholders voted to re-elect the company’s slate of directors and voted down several shareholder-sponsored resolutions regarding executive pay, sustainability and healthcare reform. (link)]

1:52 Cheddarmuff: Next person asking why there isn’t more diversity in exec team.

Tim- we take diversity very seriously.

Next person… Long preamble and complaining that apple is getting out of macworld.

Tim- a have very fond memories of Macworld. Where we are now with retail investment blows macworld out of the water. Also we can announce press conferences whenever we want now which is better for the company.

1:57 idannyb: TC responding to “keep macworld” speech… Spoke elequently about Apple stores, Apple reaching so many customer and platform build of iphone and app store

1:59 idannyb: Far more responses being delivered by BOD members

2:04 idannyb: Too many soap box agenda driven questions this year…
No core shareholder vaule Qs
Tempted to grab a mic but mtg winding down