Here’s A Simple Way To Fold A Shirt In Two Seconds

Folding laundry doesn’t have to be a drag.

This YouTube video by life-hacking user DaveHax shows an amazingly simple way to fold a dress shirt in a couple of seconds.

We broke it down to the most important screengrabs. If you want to see how fast this can be, the full video is below.

1. Draw an imaginary line about halfway through the shirt:

Shirt how to fold

2. Create a second imaginary line between the collar and the sleeve:

How to fold dress shirt

3. Imagine point B at the sleeve, A at the intersection of the two lines, and C at the bottom of the shirt:

How to fold a shirt

4. Use your left hand to pinch point A, and your right hand for B.

How to fold a shirt

5. Cross point B over to point C:

How to fold a shirt fast

6. Lift the shirt, folding once back on itself:

How to fold a shirt

Here’s how perfect the shirt will look:

How to fold a shirt

Check out the full video: