INSTANT MBA: When Firing Someone, You Need To Protect Yourself As Well

Ilya Pozin

Photo: Inc.

Today’s advice comes from Ilya Pozin, founder of web design company, Ciplex, via Inc:

“It’s a dreaded day but sometimes we have to do it. Number one, make sure you avoid confrontation at all costs. Plan the day through, sit down with this person, and let them know why they are being let go.”

No one enjoys firing their employees, but a good leader does it with dignity when necessary.Terminating someone can go extremely wrong if approached from a bad angle, so it’s important to think a few things through before actually telling your employee the bad news. 

According to Pozin, the best way to fire someone is to be organised about it. Have checks ready, email accounts and passwords adjusted, along with any additional paperwork you may need.

“Make sure you’re prepared with that beforehand, so if any confrontation occurs, you’re protected.”

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