There Was A Hack That Would Show You Your Secret Uber Passenger Rating, But Uber Shut It Down

You may know Uber passengers can rate their drivers once their rides are completed, but you may be surprised to learn that Uber drivers are rating you back, using the same scale: 1-5 stars, with 5 being the best.

Your score as an Uber passenger has remained hidden and impossible to access until Sunday night, when Aaron Landy took to Medium with a hack that would let people figure out their score with a simple copy and paste of a code.

The premise of his hack was simple: users would log into their Uber accounts on Google Chrome, hit Command+Option+J to open a small window, copy and paste the following code, and click enter.

Then a little window would appear with your username and a score.

Once people on Twitter got wind of their score, they went nuts. It seemed that the best scores were 4.7-5.0.

But people really wanted to hit perfection:

Then came the jokes:

The hack was the top story on Medium for a few hours, until Landy tweeted out that it had been intercepted by Uber and was no longer working; if you tried to check your rating after 2 a.m., your score would come up as “undefined.”

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