Guys: Here's How You Can See How Women Are Secretly Rating You On Facebook

There’s a new app called Lulu that lets women secretly rate men they’re Facebook friends with.

When women download the app, it pulls in their male Facebook friends and lets them see how they were rated by other Lulu users and add their own rating. Scores are on a 10-point scale and take into account factors like sex, previous relationships, and work ethic. 

Unfortunately, if a man tries to log into Lulu with his Facebook account, he’s blocked from using the app and can’t see how he’s rated. Bummer.

But there’s a way around it!

If you’re a guy and really want to see how women are rating you on Lulu, here’s what you do. (Besides asking a female friend to download the app and show you your rating, of course.)

First, download Lulu to your iPhone.

Open the app and log in with your Facebook account.

lulu sign in with facebook

Uh-oh! Lulu knows if you’re a male. In that case, click the blue “Take me to Lulu Dude” button.

lulu knows your a dude

The app redirects you to a mobile Web version of Lulu that’s just for dudes. You’ll be prompted to invite 25 friends to join Lulu. If you do that, then you’ll get to see your Lulu score. Tap the blue “Yes! Show me my score” button.

lulu for dudes site

Now select 25 of your Facebook friends.

select 25 facebook friends for lulu for dudes

You’ll be taken to this mobile web version of Facebook where you can send your friends the invitation to download Lulu. Tap the “Send” button.

send invite for lulu over facebook

Boom! You get your Lulu score! Remember, 10 is the highest.

lulu for dudes score revealed

And you can see how many girls have checked you out recently.

how many girls checked you out on lulu

Women can also award you badges. Here’s what they look like.

lulu badges

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