The 3 most important factors when looking for your first NYC apartment, according to ABC's 'Next Step Realty' boss

Next step realty nyc abc familyABC FamilyThe cast of ABC Family’s ‘Next Step Realty NYC.’

If you’re a young professional who’s new to New York City, Next Step Realty wants to help you out.

The real estate brokerage company is the focus of ABC Family’s new reality show, “Next Step Realty NYC,” and is full of young brokers looking to help Millennials find their first home while dealing with their own personal and workplace drama.

“It is not easy to have 30 people under the age of 30 essentially running a multimillion dollar fast-paced growing business,” the company’s co-founder and CEO Blair Brandt told Business Insider.

“To see how that unfolds and how that’s managed is an educational process,” he continued. “It has certainly been educational for me to live it. People will learn a lot from this show, whether it’s how to become a entrepreneur, about real estate, about finding your home, how to take nothing and turn it into something.”

In that spirit of education, BI asked Brandt to share the three most important factors he and his brokers look at when helping clients find an apartment. Here’s what he said:

1.) What’s your budget?

“Especially with newer renters, you should establish a realistic budget and honour that,” Brandt advised. “A problem with your conventional New York City broker is that they aren’t necessarily honouring the true budgets of clients. These clients are just out of college, just started a new job, or just finished an MBA. They’re on a fixed budget. So, we look at that closely.

2.) Where do you work?

“When you’re an entry level-type person in New York City, you’re working long hours, you’re expected to be there a lot,” the broker pointed out. “So, making sure you can get to work quickly and easily is something we always talk about with them and make sure they’re comfortable with the neighbourhoods they’re choosing.”

3.) What’s your lifestyle?

“Some clients prefer bolder, more charming units that are walkups downtown in the more expensive neighbourhoods,” Brandt explained. “And then sometimes, clients are more open minded about their neighbourhoods and would live in a ‘bang for your buck’ area, but they do want a doorman or an elevator and amenities or a true two-bedroom instead of a converted one. That’s the trade off once we’ve looked at their budget and work location.”

To continue your real estate education, “Next Step Realty NYC” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

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