Here's how to find songs on Spotify that literally no one has ever listened to before

If you’re looking for some new music on Spotify but want something a little fresher than a pre-made playlist, Forgotify has you covered.

Perfect for those who like to claim they were the first to discover a new song, Forgotify is a website that combs through Spotify’s library of 30 million tracks to surface songs that literally no one has ever listened to before on the service.

Forgotify’s interface is as simple as its premise: hit play to start listening to a song, next to cycle onto the next one, and a share button for if you find something you really like. If you have Spotify installed on your computer, it will open up the song right in the native app.

There’s no rhyme or reason to what tracks are played — when testing it out Forgotify took me from a country tune to a classical Russian song to a Hip Hop track. The novelty is fun; this is digital crate digging at its finest, and the random nature lets you create a “songs nobody has heard on Spotify playlist.”

If you don’t have a Spotify account, Forgotify will play you a 30-second preview of the track, with a pop-up prompting you to create an account. You don’t need a paid account for Forgotify to work, basic accounts will work too.

You can try out Forgotify for yourself right here.

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