How to find Snapchat's hidden dalmatian dog selfie lens

Snapchat is synonymous with silly selfies thanks to its animated lenses.

One of the most popular lenses turns you into a dog with a playful tongue. Snapchat recently made it so that the lens adds a dalmatian when two faces are in frame.

People love the hidden lense, and it’s existence is all because of Kim Kardashian. Here’s how to use it:

For the uninitiated, you can apply Snapchat lenses by tapping and holding on your face in the app. There are many to choose from, and Snapchat frequently adds new ones to play with.

Tech Insider
One of the latest additions gave you the ability to face swap with any photo in your camera roll.

The dog filter is popular. It looks like this:

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About a week ago, Kim Kardashian made the comment that Snapchat should add 'like, a dalmatian or a chihuahua' dog lens.

She's a very popular Snapchat user.

Snapchat apparently listened, and users started noticing that a dalmatian lens started appearing when two people were in frame.

The dalmatian should only appear when two faces are in frame, but sometimes you can get Snapchat to glitch and put both lenses on your face.

I found a dalmatian glitch on snapchat!! Follow me and I will teach you. Snapchat JessePvP

-- Jesse Wellens (@Jessewelle) May 17, 2016

You could even add the dalmatian lens to your dalmatian dog. How delightfully meta.

Cheers to our friends at Select All for spotting this hidden gem.

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