How You Find Out If Your Gmail Was Hacked

Last week, Gmail went down, locking some people out of their inbox for nearly an hour. While users were concerned it was a hack, it turns out the issue was an internal software bug, according to Google. Despite that, it would be helpful to know when accounts are being attacked. Fortunately, Tech2’s Nishtha Kanal writes that Google has installed a set of tools in its email service to ensure your account is secure.

Here’s how it works.

Log on to your Gmail account on a desktop computer. Scroll all the way down to bottom of the page and click Details.

This window should appear listing the last 10 times you logged into your account from the Web or an app. At the top, click sign out all other sessions if you forget to log out from another location. At the bottom, open alert preferences.

If someone else is trying open your Gmail, this part of the service will let you know. Click “Show alert for unusual activity” to be notified of any intrusion in your account. If you see a suspicious IP address, quickly change your password.

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