Facebook is hiding messages from you in a secret inbox -- here's how to find it

Facebook Messenger has a secret folder for storing messages that you probably didn’t know existed.

When you receive a message from someone on Facebook that isn’t your friend, Facebook alerts you to let you know. However, Facebook doesn’t do this for every message you receive from a non-Facebook friend.

If Facebook thinks the message is spam, then it will tuck it away into a hidden vault.

Several Business Insider journalists found the vault and all of us had messages in there that we didn’t know we’d ever received.

Here’s how to find the secret vault:

1. Open the Facebook Messenger app.

Sam Shead/Business Insider

2. Tap 'Settings' in the bottom right hand corner.

Sam Shead/Business Insider

3. Select the 'People' option.

Sam Shead/Business Insider

4. And then 'Message Requests'.

Sam Shead/Business Insider

5. Tap the 'See filtered requests' option, which is sits underneath any existing requests you have.

Sam Shead/Business Insider

6. And here you have it -- a little-known place on Facebook Messenger full of unread messages.

Sam Shead/Business Insider

Enjoy the treasure trove of messages that you never knew you had!

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