Instagram is hiding messages from you in a secret inbox -- here's how to find it

Instagram has let people direct message each other for quite some time.

But did you know that the app may be hiding messages from you?

In the same way that Facebook automatically filters out messages it thinks you don’t want to see, Instagram hides certain types of messages from showing up in your inbox.

The good news is that these hidden messages are easy to find.

To see if you have any hidden Instagram messages, tap the inbox icon at the top right of the app. You can also just swipe to the right.

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If you have any hidden messages, a little blue bar will appear at the top of your inbox saying you have 'message requests.'

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Tap that blue bar, and you'll see another inbox with your message requests. 'These are from people you don't follow,' according to Instagram. 'They will only know you've seen their request if you choose Allow.'

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You can delete requests from this inbox without opening them or take a peek and decide to notify the sender that you've seen the message.

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