This simple tool makes sure you automatically get the best price on Amazon

If you want to always see the best price on Amazon immediately, a nifty browser extension called Honey will do it for you.

Honey was previously on our radar as a good way to automatically search for coupon codes and sales whenever you check out online. Honey gives you a button in your browser that scours the web and applies any coupon codes it finds to your shopping cart.

But it didn’t really work as well for Amazon shoppers, founder Ryan Hudson tells Business Insider, because those coupons and codes weren’t really available. So Hudson’s team decided to try and build a feature that would streamline your Amazon experience.

What they came up with was adding a button to the Honey extension that always shows you the best price.

Doesn’t Amazon do that already? The answer is “sort of.”

When you search for something on Amazon, the default price it slaps at the top is a bit of a black box, Hudson says. It takes into account things like lowest price and shipping speed — but it doesn’t always show you the cheapest you can get. That’s especially true because Amazon connects to a bunch of third-party sellers, which can sometimes have much lower prices, but also are not necessarily eligible for things like Prime shipping.

To get the absolute best price on Amazon, you have to navigate to the list of prices and take stock of your options by factoring in shipping and tax. Tax is a particularly big one, since Amazon doesn’t make it very clear how much tax you’ll pay on an item.

Sometimes you just want to see the best price right away.

Honey’s new button puts a lowest price button right next to the default Amazon one. The price takes everything into account (include shipping and tax). It’s simple and can save you time.

If you’re obsessive like me, you might still go to the full menu and check things like the “star rating” of the third-party seller, but many people are just after the lowest price.

Check out Honey for Chrome or Firefox.

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