How To Filter Out Facebook "Friends" Without Them Knowing

Facebook Screen

Photo: Spencer E Holtaway

We all have Facebook “friends” that we’d like to hear from less often.You know…

…The high school classmate who has to tell everyone what they had for every meal.

…The co-worker who insists on getting in political debates every lunch hour.

…The proud parent with the ugly baby.

Maybe you’d like to remove these people from your Facebook News Feed, but you don’t know how to do it without unfriending them and possibly hurting their feelings.

If that’s the case, we have good news for you.

Facebook has a few tools for users who want to filter out their friends without them knowing.

The first method is good for dinging individual friends from your News Feed. Start by clicking on an invisible X next to the latest story from that friend.

Click on the X next to your friends name to bring him or her back. Then click save.

Type in the name of a person you want to hear from. Click on their face.

To add another person, just start typing their name. Facebook will remember you've already selected people.

Violå! You have a News Feed that only has stories from the people you care about in it. Our list has just two people so its empty.

All set? Great! Now meet the people who are getting rich because you're spending so much time on Facebook

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