CALL FOR ENTRIES: Nominate the most creative women in advertising

Susan hoffmanWieden + KennedyW+K’s Susan Hoffman appeared on last year’s list.

As with many other industries, women are still woefully unrepresented when it comes to the top ranks in Adland.

A recent study from the UK’s Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, for example, found that the gender gap is actually getting worse. Its census showed women only hold 30.5% of executive management positions, down from 33.1% in 2015.

Each year we publish our rankings of the 30 most creative women in advertising to help celebrate the industry’s leading female role models.

We are asking everyone in the ad industry for their help. We want to hear about the women who have created the most iconic work in the last 12 months.

This includes everyone from copywriters, art directors, creative technologists, creative directors, CEOs — any female from the industry whose hard work has inspired, moved or entertained you this year.

Email your nominations to Julien Rath [email protected] by Wednesday March 8. All entries will be treated confidentially.

Here’s what you need to include in your entry:

  • Your nomination’s name and job title.
  • A brief description of their role and why they should feature in this year’s rankings.
  • An example of a recent piece of work or two (from the past 12 months), with a corresponding link/photo/video.
  • A high-quality head shot of your nomination.
  • Also, please send the name of one woman who does not work at your agency or within your marketing team who is also creating some awesome work. This is a vital requirement: That way we can avoid self-serving nominations.

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