How To Ensure Your Kids Will Be Rich And Famous


What do Dan Loeb, Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt, Steven Spielberg, Christina Aguilera, Keith Richards, and DMX have in common?

Incredible rapping ability? No.

But they are all rich, famous and celebrating birthdays today.

Who’s turning what?

The irascible hedge-fund manager, who bought what was once New York’s most expensive apartment at 15 CPW, is 47.

Cityfile: Others celebrating: Katie Holmes is turning 30. Brad Pitt is 45. Steven Spielberg is 62. Christina Aguilera is turning 28.  Keith Richards is turning 65. And troublemaking rapper DMX is turning 38.

Women trying to get pregnant, apparently December 18 is the day to give birth to someone who will be rich and famous. Plan accordingly.