Here's How Easy It Is To Download Any Video On YouTube

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

Have you ever wanted to download a YouTube video to watch later?What about just downloading the audio?

There’s a wonderful extension for Firefox called YouTube MP3 Podcaster that makes both processes a snap (try to look past the clunky name, it works really well).

All you need to do to get started is go download the extension and follow these easy instructions.

Let's say we want to download the audio of this video -- YouTube MP3 Podcaster gives you some onboard tools to make it happen

They appear at the bottom-right of the video

Because there's a long introduction before the music begins, click on the scissors and pause the video where you want the audio to begin

After that, let's max out the audio quality to 224 Kbps

And your file starts right away, complete with the basic edit to get rid of the introduction

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