How to download and install Skype on your Mac computer in 4 steps

Gil C/ShutterstockIt’s easy to download Skype on a Mac.

  • You can download Skype onto a Mac computer quickly from Skype’s website with a few clicks.
  • Skype is free to download on Mac, and depending on the strength of your internet connection, it should only take a moment.
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Skype can be a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and family, as well as conducting interviews and other job-related chats.

And if you have a Mac computer, you can easily download the software – you just have to know how to get to the Mac version of Skype.

Here’s the fastest, easiest way to get Skype on your Mac computer.

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How to download Skype on a Mac

1. Go to and select “Downloads” from the menu toward the top of the screen.

How to download Skype on Mac   1Devon Delfino/Business InsiderYou can also click the ‘Download Skype’ button to go to the same page.

2. Click “Get Skype for Mac” – this will prompt a pop-up of the download to appear at the bottom of the browser window. If your Mac asks you where you’d like to save the download file, save it somewhere you’ll be able to reach, like your desktop.

How to download Skype on Mac   2Devon Delfino/Business InsiderThe webpage will automatically recognise you’re on a Mac and offer you the right download.

3. Once the file finishes downloading, click that pop-up, or double-click the download file you saved – another window will open.

4. As instructed, drag the Skype icon over to your Applications folder.

How to download Skype on Mac   4Devon Delfino/Business InsiderDrag Skype into your Applications.

After that, you’ll see another window open, this time showing you the download process. When it’s completed, you should see a Skype icon appear on your desktop, and in your Applications folder.

Double-click on that icon and Skype will open.

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