Doing this simple stretch when you wake up can give you more energy

Tim Sitt, author of “Move Or Die: How the Sedentary Life is Killing Us and How Movement, Not Exercise, Can Save Us,” explains a simple morning stretch that can give you more energy throughout the day. Following is a transcript of the video.

Spread your feet about 3 feet apart and you’re going to start to rotate your torso. And as you’re rotating your torso, you’re going to eventually extend your arm over and increase that range of motion with each repetition. So you’re stretching over and stretching over, reaching as far as you can gently and progressively and breathing all the while. Taking nice deep breaths as you’re doing it.

The great thing about doing something like the standing twist is it’s a dynamic stretch, which means it’s movement based. You even probably see this with people practicing Tai Chi, they’re slowly moving their body.

The whole emphasis on it is more on the movement rather than getting to a certain point, a maximum range of motion right away. You may notice as you’re doing this, as you’re turning your body left and right, that your back may crack a little and that’s quite natural because your spine has been in this locked position for a long period of time.

Energy, your capacity to get work done, is based on how much you’re doing. So if all you’re doing is being sedentary and using the mind, that’s a very low capacity of output, actually. By moving the body, you’re increasing your energy capacity so actually doing that mental work increases as well.

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