3 ways to make sure you don't royally screw up this Mother's Day

Mother's DayShutterstockThe hug of gratitude. That’s the goal this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day should be one of the easiest holidays on the calendar — after all, it shouldn’t be so hard to show Mum how much she means to you.

Whatever you do, though, it never seems to be enough. Well, worry less — it’s actually not that hard. There are really only a few guidelines you need to remember to make sure this Mother’s Day doesn’t end in disaster.

Just put in some actual effort.

Whether you’re close or far away from your mum on Sunday, you need to put in some effort to show her you care.

The easiest way to do this is to ask your mother what she would like to do on Sunday. Then, execute that vision to the best of your ability without her help. It’s not much of a gift if she’s planning for herself, is it?

Don’t phone in the gift.

What you should do: Get her something she wants or needs, or something sentimental. It’s less about dollar value, and more about thoughtfulness. Don’t be afraid to ask her what would mean the most to her as a gift on this holiday, so you can get her what she actually wants and not just another Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works scented soap.

What you should not d0: Get her anything that can even remotely be used as a tool to do a stereotypically feminine household chore. A vacuum cleaner doesn’t show Mum you care about her — even if it is a Dyson. Instead, it shows you still think of her as the one who cleans up after your messes.

Plan the meal, like, ahead of time.

We can say, without a hint of trepidation, that what your mum really wants on this special holiday is to spend time with her children and share a meal together.

So, it doesn’t matter where you go or when you go. (My mother, ever the practical woman, likes to go to dinner the day before to “beat the crowds.” Bless.) What matters is that you have it planned out in advance, so it doesn’t seem like a rush job that you thought about last minute. And again, Mum’s input matters.

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