You can't delete the widget screen feature on an iPhone entirely — here's how to disable it from your lock screen for security purposes, or remove apps from it

Crystal Cox/Business InsiderWhile can’t delete the widget screen feature on an iPhone altogether, you can disable it from your lock screen.
  • Apple’s iOS 14 offers two widget menus – on the home screen and lock screen – to grant users easy access to some of their most popular apps and features.
  • Some users may want to delete the widget screen from their iPhone, as it presents a security risk that may allow unauthorised users to access their device.
  • You can customise what appears on your widget screen or disable its appearance on your lock screen through the Settings menu, but you can’t delete the feature entirely.
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While Apple’s iOS 14 update offered many changes and additions, one of the biggest was widgets and the Today View widget screen. The one-touch icons are Apple’s way of ensuring users have easy access to their most-used apps without having to scroll endlessly should you have a more extensive library of apps.

While there are widgets that appear on Today View by default, these are entirely customisable so that you have the exact apps and features you use most often right at your fingertips. The widget menu can be accessed from your home screen when your phone is unlocked and when your phone is locked by swiping right.

Jennifer Still/Business InsiderThe iPhone Today View widget screen can feature maps, the weather, and a selection of other apps.

The ability to access apps — which may contain sensitive personal information — through the lock screen is why some users want to delete the Today View widget screen altogether. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete it. But you can disable Today View from access on your lock screen, or remove certain apps from it.

Here’s how to do both.

How to disable the Today View widget screen on an iPhone’s lock screen

1. Open the Settings app of your iPhone.

2. Tap the “Touch ID & Passcode” or “Face ID & Passcode” option.

3. Scroll down until you see “Today View” and toggle the button off.

  • Note: This will disable Today View from the lock screen, but it will still be accessible via the home screen when unlocked.
Jennifer Still/Business InsiderThe button will go from green to grey once you’ve successfully toggled the feature off.

How to remove apps from the Today View widget screen on iPhone

1. Unlock your iPhone and swipe right from the home screen to open Today View.

Jennifer Still/Business InsiderYou can access Today View without unlocking your phone, but you can only edit widgets from the home screen.

2. Edit the widgets on your screen one of two ways:

  • Press and hold a widget already in the Today View menu and select “Edit Widgets.”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap “Edit.”
Jennifer Still/Business InsiderWhen you tap and hold a widget, you can edit the entire screen or remove that single app.

3. To remove any widgets you don’t want, tap the minus symbol (—) that appears in the top left corner of that widget’s box.

Jennifer Still/Business InsiderMinus signs will appear in each widget app’s corner.

4. To add widgets, tap the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen (+) and search from available widgets.

5. Once you find the widget you want to add, tap it, then tap “Add widget” again.

Jennifer Still/Business InsideriPhone lets you add apps straight from the Edit menu.

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