How To Cut Your Nails In Zero Gravity

One of the lesser known obstacles of space travel is cutting your nails without making a huge mess. Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield explains:

“[Fingernail bits] won’t fall to the ground [in space]. You can’t sweep them up. They’re gonna float everywhere, they’ll get in your eyes, people will breathe them. Not good.”

Hadfield, though, has a nail cutting technique that simulates gravity:

beige tbi

Photo: YouTube/CanadianSpaceAgency

Hadfield braces himself over an air duct that essentially acts as a gravity simulator. You can watch the entire thing here:

We highly recommend browsing through the Canadian Space Agency’s YouTube page for random gems like mixed nuts floating in space:

Photo: YouTube/CanadianSpaceAgency

And a wristwatch floating in space:

Photo: YouTube/CanadianSpaceAgency

Basically, if it floats, the CSA will make a YouTube video out of it.

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