I created emoji that look like me, and now I never want to text without them

A couple weeks ago, my roommate told me about an app called Bitmoji that lets you personalise a set of emoji to resemble yourself.

I immediately downloaded it.

After choosing several options for my appearance (face shape, hair colour and texture, even my own virtual ensemble), an army of emoji twins appeared on my iPhone keyboard.

I was tickled by how much they look like me — and the variety of emotions they represent.

There’s one for my boyfriend:

And one for making plans with my friends:

How I feel when they reject me:

Oh well, more food for me:

When I want to buy everyone drinks, my bitmoji is like:

But sometimes, people forget to return the favour.

Whatever though.

Next time, I’m staying home.

Bitmoji has even incorporated pop culture references, turning me into the newest member of the Kardashian clan:

And I was always #teamblueandblack.

But the app doesn’t forget the classics.

Hopefully, Bitmoji keeps adding more. I never want to text without them.

Creator Jacob “Ba” Blackstock nailed it when he said: “I really believe Bitmoji is the next level beyond emoji — and what we’re seeing from users is that they’re not looking back.”

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