How to create a Yahoo account in 6 simple steps and gain access to Yahoo Mail, News, and more

It’s easy to create a Yahoo account. rudi_suardi/Getty Images

In addition to getting your own email address, maintaining a Yahoo account is a great way to get a personalised feed of breaking news.

From a customisable home page, to web services like Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Notepad, a Yahoo account offers a streamlined ecosystem of features to get the most out of your time on the web.

If you’re new to Yahoo’s services and want to create a Yahoo account, here’s how to get started, using any browser on your Mac or PC.

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How to create a Yahoo account

1. Open up your browser of voice and visit the Yahoo homepage.

2. Click “Create an account,” found beneath the sign-in credentials form.

2   How to create Yahoo account
In the future, this page is where you’ll sign into your Yahoo account. Emma Witman/Business Insider

3. Fill out all the required fields, including your first and last name, username, password, birthday, and mobile number for two-factor authentication.

3   How to create Yahoo account
You’ll want to have some backup email usernames in mind, in case your first choice is taken. Emma Witman/Business Insider

4. Click “Continue.”

5. Select whether to have Yahoo call or text your authentication code to the mobile number you provided.

6. Enter the 5-digit verification code when you’ve received it. Click “Verify” and then “Continue.”

5   How to create Yahoo account
Be sure to enter your verification code in a timely manner, or it may expire. Emma Witman/Business Insider

You’re all set. When you click “Done,” you’ll navigate back to the Yahoo homepage, where you can access your email in the top-right corner. Alternatively, you can visit the Yahoo Mail login page directly.

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